Bitrix24 mobile app

The Bitrix24 mobile app gives you full control over work processes, even when away from the office. Get complete access to all your projects, set tasks and keep things running smoothly 24/7. Stay in touch with your colleagues on the go and close deals straight from your smartphone or tablet.
Mobile app
available on iOS and Android devices
  • Quick task creation and role assignment
  • Instant messages, voice and video calls
  • All meetings and conferences available at a glance in the Calendar
  • Videoconferencing for multiple users
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How the Bitrix24 mobile app works

Instant messenger

Send text and voice messages to co-workers, or invite other colleagues and even entire departments to the chat. Create public and private chats and turn notifications on or off as and when you need.

Mobile CRM

All Deals, Contacts, Companies, Products and Settings are always within arm’s reach. Create new leads or change deal status right from your mobile.

Adding a new contact is easy – simply scan a business card and all contact details will be automatically processed and added to the CRM.

Activity Stream

Post to the Activity Stream, comment on posts, leave emojis, and upload photos directly from your smartphone.

Tasks and projects

Set tasks and create check-lists inside them. Keep things under control, monitor how the project is progressing and view documents inside the app.

Working with tasks and projects in the Bitrix24 mobile app is just as easy as from your desktop!


All meetings, briefings and other important events are always within arm’s reach in the Bitrix24 app.

Create events and invite colleagues. Accept or decline event and meeting invitations from your smartphone or tablet.


With the Bitrix24 mobile app, your work files are available to you anytime, anywhere. Bitrix24.Drive supports all major formats and file types: TXT, PNG, PDF, JPG, XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX.

Upload files to My Drive or send them as a message from your phone.

Voice and video calls

Communicate with colleagues inside the Bitrix24 app. Push notifications will never let you miss any important updates.

Use the search bar to find a co-worker, video call them and send files. All your chat history will be saved.


Bitrix24 softphone allows you to call clients straight from the app, using Bitrix24 telephony and its CRM integration. If needed, you can also record your phone calls with clients.

Your profile

Add your photo and contact details to make it easier for your colleagues to find a way to get in touch with you.

Allow team members to learn more about you by adding links to social networks.


You can configure notifications and data synchronization in the mobile app settings. Enable the Smart Filter to disable push notifications on your mobile while working in the desktop version.


Sync your calendar and contacts with your smartphone to get up-to-date info on planned meetings and contact details of co-workers.

You can find all the necessary contact information of a co-worker and get in touch even without Internet access.

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Bitrix24 desktop app

  • Works on all browsers
  • Available for Mac, Windows
  • Instant access to new messages
  • All your Drive files in one place
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Bitrix24 OTP app

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